The Ontario Class Action Database was created by the Law Commission of Ontario as part of its Class Action Project in 2019. It is an innovative new tool that helps to track and report on class action litigation in Ontario. Current content is limited by what was publicly available before 2019, but the Database is designed to include detailed information about class actions. Information about both prior and current class actions will be added to the Database. This work is made possible by the generous financial support of Lenczner Slaght.


Lenczner Slaght Data-Driven Decisions is a program that allows its lawyers to advocate for and advise clients based not just on their judgment and analysis of applicable case law, but also based on research and empirical data. This means harnessing available technology that make use of data analytics, remaining constantly engaged with pioneering empirical research on advocacy, and developing their own proprietary datasets and analytics—sometimes collaboratively with third parties and sometimes by themselves. Lenczner Slaght views these tools as important complements to conventional legal analysis that can help them provide more effective advice and advocacy to their clients. The firm is proud to work with the Windsor Law Class Actions Clinic to develop the Class Actions Database. Learn more about Lenczner Slaght Data-Driven Decisions here.