The Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law is the first clinic of its kind in North America. Our focus is on class members – people who are part of a large civil lawsuit launched on their behalf by representative plaintiffs and class counsel. The Clinic is staffed with a team of law students, review counsel and a faculty director who provide a range of legal services, information, assistance with filing claims in settlement distribution processes, public education and outreach. Because we serve class members across Canada, the Clinic provides its services online, by telephone and by video conference, as well as in person for those in the Windsor–Essex community.

Please note the Class Action Clinic is not conducting intake meetings for the rest of the month of December as the students are in exams and taking a well-deserved holiday break.  Any intake meetings will be scheduled for January 2022. Our services to current clients will continue uninterrupted.

Windsor Law’s Class Action Clinic Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Written Submissions Re: Bill 218

Click here to view the Clinic’s Submissions to Ontario’s Standing Committee on Justice Policy.


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