The Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law is the first clinic of its kind in North America. Our focus is on class members – people who are part of a large civil lawsuit launched on their behalf by representative plaintiffs and class counsel. The Clinic is staffed with a team of law students, review counsel and a faculty director who provide a range of legal services, information, assistance with filing claims in settlement distribution processes, public education and outreach. Because we serve class members across Canada, the Clinic provides its services online, by telephone and by video conference, as well as in person for those in the Windsor–Essex community.

Statement from the Class Action Clinic regarding the CPRI Settlement (July 22, 2021)

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has approved a class action settlement regarding the government of Ontario’s operation of CPRI. The Class Action Clinic represented former resident Matthew Tuck who objected to the settlement on the basis that it was inadequate and unjust. Families brought their children to CPRI for help and instead, many children were harmed sexually, physically, and emotionally. 

Staff Lawyer with the Clinic, Andrew Eckart, stated: “The settlement provides no compensation for physical or emotional injuries except in the most serious cases. The judge said this was a reasonable compromise ‘mainly because of the absence of evidence supporting such claims.’ The many class members who have contacted our Clinic with their horrific stories, and those who bravely appeared at the hearing, do not agree that there is a lack of evidence regarding the harms they suffered. The settlement is not a fair compromise.”Eckart added that Mr. Tuck is deeply disappointed with the results of the hearing. 

“An apology from Premier Wynne that pre-dated this class action and that did not even name CPRI is no apology at all. The government’s failure to take responsibility for the lasting impact of the harms caused to children at CPRI and a payment of a few thousand dollars does not even begin to make up for the wrongs caused to us,” said Mr. Tuck.  Mr. Tuck is considering bringing a motion for an order granting him another opportunity to opt out so that he may pursue his own lawsuit against the government.

Written Submissions Re: Bill 218

Click here to view the Clinic’s Submissions to Ontario’s Standing Committee on Justice Policy.


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