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Happy Holidays from the Class Action Clinic!

We can’t believe that 2020 is nearly behind us! Since beginning operations in October 2019, the Class Action Clinic continues to fulfil our mandate to provide legal services and information regarding class actions to class members and the public and providing learning opportunities for University of Windsor’s law students […]

Summer Greetings from the Class Action Clinic!

It has been eight months since Windsor Law launched the Class Action Clinic and we have been busy. Our main focus remains on individual class members, while also participating in public legal education efforts and advocacy at the Provincial level […]


Happy Holidays from the Class Action Clinic!

On October 3rd, Windsor Law launched the Class Action Clinic. Focused on the needs and interests of class members, it is the first clinic of its kind anywhere in the world. The Clinic is a not-for-profit organization designed to provide class members summary advice, assistance with filing claims in settlement distribution processes, and representation in court proceedings. The Clinic also creates awareness about class actions through public education, outreach, and research. The Clinic does not initiate or conduct class actions but we do provide referrals to class action firms […]