Jacky Chiang

Jacky is a second-year law student at the University of Windsor. Prior to law school, Jacky earned his Bachelor of Commerce at the Toronto Metropolitan University. Jacky worked as a caseworker for the South Etobicoke Community Legal Clinic over the summer dealing with housing law and disability law issues. During his free time, he likes to try new cuisines and post food reviews on social media.

David Balzer

David is a third-year law student at the University of Windsor, visiting on a letter of permission from the Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia. Prior to law school, David worked extensively in editing and publishing, and has authored two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. David is keenly interested in climate-justice work, which for him includes housing advocacy and property law, municipal law, corporate and government liability, and international law.

Jordan Afolabi

Jordan is a Black UWindsor law student. Among Jordan’s legal interests include labour, employment, class actions and human rights law within the context of post-secondary education. Jordan is a Nigerian-Canadian dual citizen fluent in both English and Yoruba. Most recently Jordan has been involved in a rigorous period of advocacy as a student on UWindsor campus. Jordan says that throughout this process he has “had [his] eyes further opened to the concerning extent of which systemic racism still pervades the foundations of our educational institutions.” Jordan’s interest has focused on the ways in which class-actions may be leveraged as a tool against systemic racism.

Arshdeep Aulakh

Arshdeep is a second-year law student at the University of Windsor. Before law school, Arshdeep earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction at the University of Toronto, double majoring in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies and Health Studies. In the last year, Arshdeep has had experience as a caseworker for the Legal Assistance of Windsor in housing law and also worked for the Indigenous Bar Association through the Debwewin Fellowship this past summer.

As an aspiring advocate, Arshdeep prioritizes learning about and practicing client management, civil litigation (class actions!), and gaining as much court observation as possible. Arshdeep is also a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur and an exercise enthusiast.

Elian Shoukry

Elian is a second-year law student at the University of Windsor. Prior to Law School, Elian earned a  Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with the Highest Distinction from McMaster University. During her undergraduate years, Elian developed a passion for volunteering with marginalized people and in community spaces.  These experiences led her to pursue a legal career, rooted in narrowing the access gap and providing a voice for the voiceless.  During the last year, Elian worked as a caseworker at Community Legal Aid and Hamilton Community Legal Clinic, dealing with housing and tenant rights.

Elian is interested in areas of civil litigation, real estate, and employment and labour law. Elian is also passionate about Indian cuisine, in the  remaining year and a half, she aims to visit every Indian restaurant within the City of Windsor.

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